MOTI Announces Participation at CHAMPS TRADE SHOWS, Unveiling Exciting Disposable Product Lineup
BY James Miller @ February 05, 2024

MOTI, a well-known name in the vape industry, is glad to announce its participation in the prestigious CHAMPS TRADE SHOWS. Taking place in vibrant Las Vegas from February 14 to February 17, 2024. With a strong reputation as the premier platform for entrepreneurs and manufacturers in the smoking accessories industry. The CHAMPS TRADE SHOWS will welcome a vibrant exhibitor line-up, exciting products, and global industry leaders

CHAMPS TRADE SHOWS has garnered an esteemed reputation as the premier source for the latest products, trends, and innovations in the counterculture industry. Established in 1999, CHAMPS TRADE SHOWS has emerged as one of the largest B2B exhibitions catering to the smoking/vaping accessories and lifestyle industry. With a global reach, CHAMPS has successfully connected thousands of exhibitors and retailers, creating a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and business expansion.

In 2023, CHAMPS TRADE SHOWS witnessed remarkable growth, attracting a record-breaking number of visitors and exhibitors. The exhibition spanned over 250,000 square feet, accommodating more than 700 exhibitors from various countries and regions. Renowned for its diverse product offerings, the show hosted around 5,000 retail buyers and nearly 20,000 trade visitors, cementing its reputation as a must-attend event in the counterculture industry.

At the highly anticipated CHAMPS TRADE SHOWS, MOTI will be unveiling its exciting range of disposable products, catering to the evolving demands of the vaping industry. The reason why disposable vapes are so popular is that they are easy to use and have lower purchase costs than reloadable vapes. Nowadays, there are more and more large-volume disposable vapes. Calculated based on e-liquid, the price per milliliter is cheaper, which will make disposable products more and more popular.

MOTI aims to attract visitors with its innovative disposable vapes, namely MOTI Beast Pro 10000, MOTI Go (Pro), and MOTI TRIPLUS 20000.

MOTI Beast Pro 10000 is an excellent product designed for both novice and experienced vapers. This 18ml e-liquid disposable vape is a masterpiece and can be used for up to 10,000 puffs. Its powerful 750mAh rechargeable battery ensures long smoking sessions and consistent reliability. It embodies the ideal combination of longevity, flavor, and advanced technology. MOTI Beast Pro 10000 sets new standards in the vape market with its superior performance and functionality, providing an unparalleled experience.

For vapers who prioritize portability and performance, the Moti Go( Pro) is the ideal choice. Its lightweight and compact design makes it a convenient companion for on-the-go vapers, without compromising on flavor or vapor production. The MOTI Go (Pro) comes with a smart screen that displays the battery charge and power level, providing users with real-time information. With the built-in smart MCU chip, adjusting power level settings is a breeze. This device offers two suction modes – Normal mode, providing 12,000 puffs, and Boost mode, offering a rich puff volume of 6,000 puffs, catering to the diverse needs of vape users.

Additionally, MOTI is set to release the highly anticipated MOTI TRIPLUS 20000, their latest disposable vape product. This innovation features a full-size screen on the front, marking a new era of full-screen and customizable vaping. Users can monitor battery life, remaining e-liquid, and power output levels in real-time. The device also offers a three-level power adjustment function, allowing for easy customization of personal smoking preferences. Powered by a DUAL Mesh atomization module, the MOTI TRIPLUS 20000 guarantees an unmatched burst of flavor and a long-lasting taste experience.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to witness the future of vapes at the CHAMPS TRADE SHOWS in Las Vegas from February 14 to February 17, 2024. MOTI’s participation in this show demonstrates its commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of disposable vape technology. With its exceptional products, MOTI is sure to appeal to vaping enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. Head to the 12069 booth to experience the wonders of disposable vapes with MOTI at the 2024 CHAMPS TRADE SHOWS.

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